The After School Program

After School Martial Arts Training Program:

We offer an outstanding Martial Arts Training Program for Kids. Training begins when school lets out. Students in our After School Martial Arts Training Program tend to progress quicker due to the fact they are training everyday. If you want to see positive changes in your child, give us a call, we can help! Samurai Karate Dojo picks-up children from local schools. Our program includes Karate classes, homework assistance, and life skills activities.

Our After School Program focuses on:

  • Character building
  • Discipline
  • Self Respect
  • Coordination
  • Focus


“After a two week trial for my sons during a fun filled summer camp we registered them both, our oldest (7 years old in second grade) going to the full after school program and our youngest (6, in Kindergarten) attending Karate lessons twice a week.


After only one week in the after school program both my husband and I saw visible changes in our older son’s behavior and focus.  My son is proud of his achievements and genuine about trying his best and the invaluable self-confidence he has gained from his time with them has been a key contribution toward this. He used to have trouble doing any homework, and now he manages to complete it on his own without being constantly reminded. Thank you for such a fantastic approach! I can always talk to Ms. Jessica about any issue; she is on top at all times and tracks their progress in a precise way. My younger son is benefiting already from practicing with Shihan, in better control of his movements and more focused when in class. The atmosphere is wonderful in the dojo during classes; the lessons are paced in such a way that it fits the attention span and interest of the children. The values taught are key to the success of Shihan: Humility, Discipline and Respect.

One word, we are FANS of Samurai Karate Dojo!”


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