After a two week trial for my sons during a fun filled summer camp we registered them both, our oldest (7 years old in second grade) going to the full

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Shihan Ehab Ahmed

Shihan Ehab Ahmed started his martial arts journey back at the age of 15 in Cairo, Egypt under Mr. Akomoto, the Japanese Karate ambassador to the Middle East. In 1988, Ehab moved to the United States where he continued studying karate and Ju Jit Su under the supervision of Sensei Romulo Arroyo.

Shihan Ehab graduated from the University of Houston in 1993 with a BS in Engineering but has since dedicated his time to study the martial arts. After earning two black belts in the Japanese style of Shito Kay, Ehab joined The Traditional Karate Center in 1996 where he started learning yet another Okinawan fighting style, GoJu-Ryu, the art of hard and soft.

Currently under the supervision of Hanshi Balfour Wright (9th dan Black belt) of the Society of Harmonious Fists, Ehab holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt in GoJu-Ryu. Shihan Ehab has been a martial arts instructor for the past 12 years. He has a strong belief that martial arts teach kids not only self-defense but respect, discipline and humility as well. Martial arts also play an important role in children’s self confidence, self esteem, and character development. He also has a great deal of interest in the self defense and fitness aspects of martial arts.

"Through martial arts training, one can obtain the benefit of self defense, self confidence and health."