After a two week trial for my sons during a fun filled summer camp we registered them both, our oldest (7 years old in second grade) going to the full

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Donna McCoy 

Donna began studying Karate in the early '90's at Nippon Kokusai in her hometown of Charleston, SC, under Shihan Dale Coker and Sensei Brett Singleton, students of Shihan Woodard.  The Martial Arts have been a consistent part of her life.  Although she has trained within other styles (Wado Ryu and Shotokan), she has always gravitated to traditional Karate.  Donna has transitioned to our Aiki Ju Jit Su Grappling classes and has a Purple Belt in Shorin Ryu and a Yellow Belt in GoJu Ryu.  Donna is also a good person (as is Sensei Elexis) to have on your team in a game of Name That Song (or band).