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Posted: April 04, 2019

In collaboration with Taiba, USA, in January 2017, seventeen refugees were sponsored to attend the after-school Martial Arts program at Samurai Dojo. Since then, the number of sponsored refugees reached twenty.

As of now, the Samurai Karate Dojo and Taiba are sponsoring twenty-three refugees.

The after-school program, located at the Dojo, offers school pickup, and home drop off. In addition, assistance with homework is available, Martial Arts training and all refugees will experience great social interaction.

Most importantly, this program provides a safe environment for the refugee students to further help adapt to their new life in the USA.

With all of this information in mind, there are still a significant number of at-risk refugees that are yearning to learn and need help getting accustomed to their new lifestyle.

Your donation has the potential to change the life of a refugee family. Ask us how you can help, and you will be provided with information as to how to include your donation on your tax deductions.

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Ehab Ahmed


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